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Sitecore Part 1: Achieving CRM Integration

January 7, 2013

You may have caught mention of our Sitecore web content management system previously on this blog, and lately, we’ve been busily exploring the features the software offers. Now that we’ve been delving deeper, we’re really excited to share some specifics and insights into how this really can change web marketing and how it benefits our customers!



First of all, some of our readers may be wondering just what a content management system, or CMS, is and what it does. A CMS is a set of solutions which enable the management and delivery of targeted content, offers, and products across digital touchpoints. The goal of using a web-based CMS is to achieve full customer relationship management integration, or CRM integration for short.

There are three types of CRM integration.  The first is security management. With the use of Sitecore, our sales reps can quickly set up private, secure web access portals for our customers with just a few clicks of the mouse. The customer can then check his or her portal for quotes, drawings, or any other technical information that they require. The second type of CRM integration is content delivery management. What this means is that we can optimize the content displayed to our customers when they visit our website. For example, if you found our website by searching for heavy duty hinges, we could tailor our web content to better suit your search and display more information about the capabilities of our heavy gauge hinges. This type of ground-breaking technology will lead to a much more optimized web experience for all visitors. The third kind of integration is content and data sharing, which allows us to respond quickly to customer inquiries through automatic distribution and assignment of web leads and RFQs to our sales reps and a more advanced tracking system.

Stay tuned for more about Sitecore and how it revolutionizes the customer experience!

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